Thermal insulation, sound absorption and fire resistant material (CR) made with a innovative 100% natural and ecofriendly fiber.

The Rootman technology, thanks to its special properties and structure, also presents excellent capacity as a soil improver for the garden and agriculture.

Patented technology / Product

icono medio ambiente
100% natural, and ecofriendly.
icono agua
Low carbon footprint.
icono sin aditivos
No chemical additives of any kind.
icono sustitución
Replaces synthetic and petroleum products.
icono germinación
It does not require felling of trees, it is a productive process through the germination of seeds.
icono clima
It can be produced quickly in any climate and geographic location
icono clima
Minimal energy and water requirements for production
icono patente
Patented product
icono medio ambiente
No polluted, sustainable
icono versatil
Versatile, for a wide range of applications

Business lines

Product aimed at eco-friendly construction which combines three properties: thermal and acoustic insulation and fire resistance. All IN ONE !
High performance soil improvers made on the basis of roots as an alternative to peat and vegetal fibers.
Natural extract derived from the production process with high biotechnological potential.
Application in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Novedades del Instituto del Medio Ambiente (IDMA) y su participación en el Construye Solar 2019, siendo la primera institución en presentar su proyecto de la Casa Raíz este 13 de agosto.

A natural insulating material that is resistant to ignition was developed by the Chilean company Rootman. Today one of the main problems is the creation of high-quality products, but at the same time, this product should be eco-friendly. This proposed task has achieved unexpected results.


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